I have a discriminating personality. Some say I am picky. Nit-picky. A double virgo. I wish to dispel the notion that my cranky, bossy, controlling behaviors are unfortunate social behaviors, and instead demonstrate that I have a kind of skill, a talent for discernment, and productive judgment.

The ability to make fine distinctions and then act on them comes in handy it seems. I know it must be valuable to someone, as I get paid to be this way. As a magazine production director I gets things done by controlling tools and tasks and people and moving them towards a specific end in a specific period of time.

My biggest crime, if I was to admit that there is a lawless edge to my personality, is that I may suffer from an occupational hazard that comes from the constant plan-making, and as the task-master, making people do things. I plan, I schedule, I make budget. Endless tasks attempted by skilled and semi-skilled workers who gather together in a repetitive loop of actions. I spend hours in the careful management of resources, defining, taking risks and understanding dependencies. But always it comes down to, the discriminating selection of a path and going for it.

With a great deal of luck and patience, I am beginning to hear my own voice emerge. I have been speaking all my life, of course, giving orders and arranging things for someone else’s gain. But lately, I have felt utterly impatient to hear my voice sing out, to be loud enough for other people to notice, to say what I will, and be interesting. We shall see.


I began writing and caring for my first web-log in 1995. It wasn’t called a blog then, I just followed a natural desire once I was experienced with the Web to have a web page. I bought a domain name to initiate playing in this new medium. I had been working in publishing for more than a dozen years by then. But never with a voice. I wasn’t speaking. I was in the “back office”. But I am starting over now. Fresh. Easy. New. Out there. On wordpress. I will concentrate on writing. speaking out. communicating. developing a voice. my own dear voice. With this blog, I am starting up again rather than starting over. However I put it, I have begun.